Is India at risk of Chinese-style surveillance capitalism? | Privacy Community in the | from @ET_Marketing

Hold-outs targeted in fresh batch of noyb GDPR cookie consent complaints | Privacy Community in the | from @TechCrunch @riptari

Regno Unito, smartwatch con riconoscimento facciale per monitorare immigrati che commettono crimini | Privacy Community in the | from @macitynet @mnotarianni

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…and most of all, @BrandnerSimon got native-Matrix VoIP calls working relatively stably through the @_pion SFU - behold the world’s first ever usable 12 user native-Matrix video conference, from a few hours ago 🎉🥳🎊🎥

Kenya beefs up consumer data protection | Privacy Community in the | from @Finextra

DuckDuckGo removes carve-out for Microsoft tracking scripts after securing policy change | Privacy Community in the | from @TechCrunch @riptari

Great work! Kudos
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As makes the internet more open, the need for digital privacy becomes more necessary.

We know this. That's why everything we build is privacy-first.

Private transactions: $OXEN
Encrypted communication: @session_app
Anonymous internet access: @Lokinet_org

Newsletter XMPP di luglio 2022 - versione italiana | NicFab Blog | @xmpp @xmpp_jp @snikket_im

Usa, Meta accusata di aver violato privacy sui dati sanitari | Privacy Community in the | from @Agenzia_Ansa

India withdraws personal data protection bill that alarmed tech giants, working on new proposal | Privacy Community in the | from @TechCrunch @refsrc

German semiconductor giant Semikron says hackers encrypted its network | Privacy Community in the | from @TechCrunch

Sensitive data ruling by Europe’s top court could force broad privacy reboot | Privacy Community in the | from @riptari @TechCrunch

The EDPB Letter to MEP In't Veld on the use of statistics on Passenger Name Record data is now available here:!x9ykHQ

Rwanda and Mauritius data protection authorities discuss cooperation and share experiences in the financial sector | Privacy Community in the | from @NewTimesRwanda @EdwinAshimwe

WhatsApp boss says no to AI filters policing encrypted chat | Privacy Community in the | from @TheRegister

New Report Highlights Fragmented Action On GDPR Complaints In The EU | Privacy Community in the | from @medianama

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See how the Norwegian DPA decided that "data revealing the fact that someone is a Grindr user strongly indicates that they belong to a sexual minority" & the Spanish DPA: "did not find that Grindr processed any special category of personal data"

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This judgment is groundbreaking and may have substantial impact. Disagreement between DPAs has emerged on this question - the Norwegian DPA took the same extended interpretation in its case, but the Spanish DPA took the opposite interpretation in the same case 5/

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Adding the general objective of the of ensuring a high level of protection of fundamental rights & the purpose of Art 9 GDPR to ensure enhanced protection "bc of the particular sensitivity of the data processed", the Court finds that such adjacent data falls under Art 9 4/

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