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…and most of all, @BrandnerSimon got native-Matrix VoIP calls working relatively stably through the @_pion SFU - behold the world’s first ever usable 12 user native-Matrix video conference, from a few hours ago 🎉🥳🎊🎥 twitter.com/matrixdotorg/statu

Great work! Kudos
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As makes the internet more open, the need for digital privacy becomes more necessary.

We know this. That's why everything we build is privacy-first.

Private transactions: $OXEN
Encrypted communication: @session_app
Anonymous internet access: @Lokinet_org

The EDPB Letter to MEP In't Veld on the use of statistics on Passenger Name Record data is now available here: europa.eu/!x9ykHQ

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See how the Norwegian DPA decided that "data revealing the fact that someone is a Grindr user strongly indicates that they belong to a sexual minority" & the Spanish DPA: "did not find that Grindr processed any special category of personal data"

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The Court relies on the very broad definition of "data concerning health" in Art 4(15) GDPR & guidance in Recital 35 to highlight that context must be taken into account when interpreting what constitutes "special categories of data" & extrapolates to sexual orientation data 3/

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The Court assessed whether "data that are capable of revealing the sexual orientation of a natural person by means of an intellectual operation involving comparison or deduction" fall within the protection of Article 9. In the case at hand: publication of spouse's name. 2/

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If you have a theory, you must try to explain what’s good and what’s bad about it equally. In science, you learn a kind of standard integrity and honesty.

During its latest plenary, the EDPB adopted two letters in response to Access Now and BEUC concerning TikTok and an Art. 65 GDPR binding decision regarding Instagram. Read all about it in our press release available here: europa.eu/!4TdMqn

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Congratulations to 🇦🇱 on the ratification of two Council of Europe landmark treaties:
▪️ Convention on to official documents (entry into force on 01.11.2022)
▪️ + on (no entry into force yet)
bit.ly/3JaskuU @AlMissionCOE

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Conductor v1.4.0, my @alfredapp workflow for @keyboardmaestro is available for download. The release adds options to copy a macro UUID and to copy a Markdown link for a macro. The latter I'm using to quickly add trigger links into @obsdmd.


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The official website of the 44th Global Privacy Assembly, which will be hosted by Turkish Personal Data Protection Authority on 25-28 October, 2022 in İstanbul, is now available.

For the detailed information about 44th GPA and registration please visit gpaturkiye2022.org

' and I: A three-step approach to Artificial Intelligence: Episode 2 - Debating AI. Impact and Challenges of Artificial Intelligence on Human Rights'
2nd episode of 3 of & @EU_EDPB trainees' with @brandobenifei @ka_iwanska

Glad to be part of @matrixdotorg group with our instance matrix.nicfab.it kudos to the Matrix team. Great work!
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64,007,732 to be precise, as of right now 🎉. Thank you everyone for flying Matrix - the age of decentralised communication is upon us!! twitter.com/TheRegister/status

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64,007,732 to be precise, as of right now 🎉. Thank you everyone for flying Matrix - the age of decentralised communication is upon us!! twitter.com/TheRegister/status

In the Joint Opinion on the European Health Data Space, the EDPB & @EU_EDPS draw attention to a number of overarching concerns and urge the co-legislators to take decisive action to ensure a strong protection for electronic health data. Read about it here: europa.eu/!wVWvWv

The EDPB Statement on personal data transfers to the Russian Federation is now available here: europa.eu/!MpCBny

supports goals of proposed amendments to financial rules on budget, but recommends specifying:
▶️types of personal data to process
▶️sources of personal data
▶️means and duration of processing
Press Release europa.eu/!RrdtNK & Opinion europa.eu/!hK3Vfg

The CSC Work Programme 2022-2024 is now available on the EDPB website. Read all about the work the CSC will be doing in the next few years here: europa.eu/!fwVXBc

Dopo l’intervento della vice presidente del Senato, il Presidente Stanzione presenta la relazione annuale del Garante Privacy. @GPDP_IT @meobaldo

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