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Adding the general objective of the of ensuring a high level of protection of fundamental rights & the purpose of Art 9 GDPR to ensure enhanced protection "bc of the particular sensitivity of the data processed", the Court finds that such adjacent data falls under Art 9 4/

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Very significant judgment today from the Grand Chamber on the interpretation of special categories of personal data under the : processing personal data liable to disclose indirectly sexual orientation constitutes processing of special categories of personal data 1/

Today marks the 4th anniversary of , a landmark piece of legislation, which was crafted with one main objective: to ensure real, consistent, and effective implementation of the fundamental rights to and   @W_Wiewiorowski 1/2

Today marks the 4th anniversary of the entry into application of the ! Much has happened in the last 4 years and, more than ever, strong and swift enforcement is crucial for ensuring a consistent interpretation of the GDPR.

Today we celebrate 's 4th anniversary! 🎂
On 16-17 June, join the to reflect on and discuss current approaches to enforcement models in the digital sphere edpsconference2022.eu/en

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BREAKING: @futureofprivacy releases comprehensive report analyzing real-life cases under involving Automatic Decision Making ().

Read the report for key insights.


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